Pre-Anaesthetic Instructions

For general information regarding your anaesthesia, click here to download our ‘Pre Anaesthetic Instructions’ flyer.

Patients who have had previous surgery to assist with weight loss eg; Gastric Banding
If you have had any gastric surgery to facilitate weight loss you must advise your Anaesthetist before your surgery.

If you have an Adjustable/Lap Band, you will usually need to arrange with your bariatric surgical team to have it deflated (either fully or partially) a few days prior to your surgery.

This applies to all patients having procedures where vomiting is possible, ie patients having general anaesthesia or those who might need strong painkillers after their procedure.

It is usually not required if you are planning to have a minor procedure under local anaesthesia and sedation. It is usually not required if you are having an endoscopy or colonoscopy.

Please contact our rooms if you are unsure and your anaesthetist will advise you if this will be required.