Are you having surgery?

To help you prepare for your surgery, we recommend reading the following sections - Pre Anaesthetic Instructions, Anaethesia and You, Health Questionnaire and Fees.


Are you having a baby?

Find out what you need to know about an epidural for your childbirth or your options for anaesthesia if you have a caesarean.


Is your child having surgery?

Find our what you need to know about anaesthesia for your child's surgery and how you can reduce your anxiety and your child's.

Welcome to Specialist Anaesthetic Services

Specialist Anaesthetic Services was established in 1978. Since the inception of the practice, Specialist Anaesthetic Services has undertaken many changes and has grown to become one of Adelaide’s leading Anaesthetic groups, always keeping up with latest technology and medical training.

The practice currently includes 20 Specialist Anaesthetists, providing services to both Public and Private Hospitals throughout Adelaide and some areas of regional South Australia.

Specialist Anaesthetic Services provide expertise in all areas of Anaesthesia including general and specialty areas.

At Specialist Anaesthetic Services we pride ourselves on providing our patients and surgeons with high quality professional services.

If you have any questions regarding anaesthesia, please contact us at Specialist Anaesthetic Services.

What is a Specialist Anaesthetist?

A Specialist Anaesthetist is a qualified medical practitioner who has completed a minimum of five years specialist training in Anaesthesia, Pain Management and Intensive Care work following their Medical Degree.

They are also required to have completed at least two years as a hospital doctor within Australia.


INFORMATION STATEMENT: Specialist Anaesthetic Services is a trust that provides administrative services to a group of independent anaesthetists. The anaesthetists within the group all operate as individual practices; this means there are differences between how each anaesthetist works and bills.

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Please contact Specialist Anaesthetic Services on 8273 5666 for individual queries.